Project Details

Project ID PRA000023
Samples Sample Lists
Submitter Fisheries Research and Education Agency
Hiroyuki Tanaka
Corresponding Author ID Hiroyuki Tanaka
Release Date 2017/01/27
Title Background Levels of PAHs in the Coastal Waters of Japan Based on Residual Concentrations of Bivalves
doi 10.5985/jec.20.137
Grant Development Fund, Research on Dynamics of Nitroarenes in Inner Bay Region and Influence on Marine Organisms from the Ministry of the Environment, Japan
Register Date 2017/01/27
Update Date 2017/01/27
Crenomytilus grayanus 
Mytilus galloprovincialis 
Septifer virgatus 
Crassostrea gigas 
Perna viridis 
Brachidontes mutabilis 
Modiolus philippinarum