Sample Details

Project ID PRA000051
Sample ID SAA003125
Sample Type Reptiles
Taxonomy ID 8496
Uniq Code ER01258
Scientific Name Alligator mississippiensis
Common Name American alligator
Sex Male
Growth Stage Juvenile
Collection Country America
Collection Area Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, Florida
Collection Latitude From 29.02166667
Collection Latitude To 29.14138889
Collection Longitude From -81.50138889
Collection Longitude To -81.355
Register Date 2017/11/10
Update Date 2017/11/10
Uniq Code Type es-BANK
Tissue Organ Liver
Weight 1.65
Weight Unit kg
Length 88
Length Unit cm
Length Type Total Length
Sample Name 16WD-31576
Tissue Lipid
Tissue Moist
Collection Region North America
Collection Year 2009
Collection Month 4
Collection Day 17
Remarks Body length 42.9 cm
Other metals 
  • Li