Sample ID SAA000635
Sample Type Terrestrial mammals
Taxonomy ID 9606
Scientific Name Homo sapiens
Common Name Human
Tissue Organ Adipose
Tissue Lipid 72
Tissue Moist
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Japan
Collection Area Ehime
Collection Latitude From 32.88472222
Collection Latitude To 34.30166667
Collection Longitude From 132.0125
Collection Longitude To 133.6930556
Collection Year 2004
Collection Month
Collection Day
Uniq Code Type
Uniq Code
Sample Name E-15
Sex Male
Growth Stage
Age 81 y.o.
Weight Unit
Length Unit
Length Type
Disease Metastatic liver cancer
Remarks Measenteric fat. Same sample as SAA000658
Register Date 2016/11/29
Update Date 2016/12/5