Sample ID SAA001170
Sample Type Invertebrates
Taxonomy ID 29158
Scientific Name Mytilus galloprovincialis
Common Name Mediterranean mussel
Tissue Organ Whole soft tissue
Tissue Lipid
Tissue Moist
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Japan
Collection Area Okayama
Collection Latitude From 34.61166667
Collection Latitude To
Collection Longitude From 134.1666667
Collection Longitude To
Collection Year 2003
Collection Month 9
Collection Day 11
Uniq Code Type
Uniq Code
Sample Name M33OU02
Growth Stage
Weight 3.4
Weight Unit g
Length 48.5
Length Unit mm
Length Type Shell length
Remarks n=10 Pooled, Weight and Length:the mean value
Register Date 2017/1/27
Update Date 2017/1/27