Analytical methods

ExperimentID EXA000086
ChemicalID CH0000812
Chemical Name Hydrazine
Official Method No
Chromatography GC
Chromatography mfr. 6890N, Agilent
Column DB-5ms 30 m x 0.25 mm, 0.25 μm
Column mfr. Agilent
Detector [1]MS; [2]MS/MS
Detector mfr. JMS-Q1000GC K9, JEOL
Ionization [1] SIM-EI; [2] SRM-EI
Extraction Solvent Extraction
Extraction Details Air Collection: Polycarbonate absorption bulb (0.1% Phosphoric acid aqueous solution + 0.1% Sodium thiosulfate aqueous solution); Extracted with Hexane
Clean-up 1st Salting out
Clean-up 1st Details Sodium chloride and purified water
Clean-up 2nd
Clean-up 2nd Details
Clean-up Spike Hydrazine sulfate-15N2
Syringe Spike Acenaphtene-d10
Derivatization 1% Pentafluorobenzaldehyde aqueous solution 30 mL; Shake it for 10 min. and leave it for 16 h.
Recovery Correction
Instrument Detection Limit
Instrument Quantification Limit
Method Detection Limit 0.33 ng/m3
Method Quantification Limit
Recovery (CRM)
Recovery (spiked)
Recovery (IS)
RegisterDate 2021/3/16
UpdateDate 2021/3/16