Analytical methods

ExperimentID EXA000285
ChemicalID CH0001613
Chemical Name Diuron
Official Method No
Chromatography LC
Chromatography mfr. LC-30AD Prominence system, Shimadzu
Column ODS-4 column 2.1 mm i.d. x 150 mm, 5 μm; equipped with a Unixon UK-C18 guard cartridge 3 mm i.d. x 5 mm, 3 μm
Column mfr. GL Science Inc; Imtakt
Detector MS
Detector mfr. LCMS-8030, Shimadzu
Ionization Electrospray ionization in the positive-ion mode
Extraction SPE
Extraction Details Filtered with GF/C filter, Whatman; Extracted with Oasis HLB plus LP (186000132, Nihon Waters K.K); Eluted with methanol; Transported to the laboratory and stored at 4℃ until chemical analysis; SPE was conducted in the laboratory within 48 h.
Clean-up 1st
Clean-up 1st Details
Clean-up 2nd
Clean-up 2nd Details
Clean-up Spike
Syringe Spike atrazine-13C3
Recovery Correction
Instrument Detection Limit
Instrument Quantification Limit
Method Detection Limit
Method Quantification Limit 0.5 ng/L
Recovery (CRM)
Recovery (spiked) 97%
Recovery (IS)
Remarks 2018 samples
RegisterDate 2021/12/14
UpdateDate 2021/12/14