Analytical methods

ExperimentID EXA000324
ChemicalID CH0001633
Chemical Name 14-(R)-Hydroxyclarithromycin
Official Method No
Chromatography LC
Chromatography mfr. [1]ACQUITY UPLC, Waters; [2]1260, Agilent
Column Atiantis T3 150 mm x 2.1 mm, 3 μm
Column mfr. Waters
Detector MS/MS
Detector mfr. [1]Xevo TQ, Waters; [2]QTRAP 4500; AB Sciex
Ionization SRM-ESI-positive
Extraction SPE
Extraction Details Oass HLB Plus 225 mg Short 10 mL/min; Eluted with Methanol
Clean-up 1st Filtration
Clean-up 1st Details Filtered with LH filter 0.45 μm; Hydrophilic PTFE 13 mm, Millex
Clean-up 2nd
Clean-up 2nd Details
Clean-up Spike
Syringe Spike
Recovery Correction
Instrument Detection Limit
Instrument Quantification Limit
Method Detection Limit 0.62 ng/L
Method Quantification Limit
Recovery (CRM)
Recovery (spiked)
Recovery (IS)
Remarks Analysis method: p.3
RegisterDate 2022/5/06
UpdateDate 2022/5/06