Analytical methods

ExperimentID EXA000514
ChemicalID CH0001640
Chemical Name o-TMPP
Official Method No
Chromatography GC
Chromatography mfr. 7890 series, Agilent
Column DB17-HT column 30 m x 0.25 mm x 0.15 μm
Column mfr. Agilent
Detector MS/MS
Detector mfr. 7000 GC/MS Triple Quad, Agilent
Extraction ASE
Extraction Details Extracted with a mixture of Hexane and acetone (1:1, v/v) using a SE-100 High-Speed Solvent Extractor (Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech, Japan), running at 35 ℃, at 6 mL/min for 30 min.
Clean-up 1st SPE
Clean-up 1st Details Single step: [1] SPE step using Supelclean TM ENVI-Carb TM SPE cartoridge (250 mg/6 mL, Sigma-Aldrich) conditioned with 25 mL acetone/hexane mixture (1:1, v/v), loaded with sample extract; Eluted with 20 mL acetone/hexane (1:1, v/v)
Clean-up 2nd
Clean-up 2nd Details
Clean-up Spike d33-IPP; d12-TCEP; d18-TCIPP; d15-TDCIPP; d15-TPHP; 13C6-TBOEP; 13C18-TPHP
Syringe Spike
Recovery Correction
Instrument Detection Limit
Instrument Quantification Limit
Method Detection Limit 3.9-9.1 ng/g dry
Method Quantification Limit
Recovery (CRM)
Recovery (spiked)
Recovery (IS)
RegisterDate 2022/8/08
UpdateDate 2022/8/08