Analytical methods

ExperimentID EXA000600
ChemicalID CH0001662
Chemical Name Dichlorvos
Official Method No
Chromatography LC
Chromatography mfr. Exion LC, AB Sciex
Column L-column ODS 150 mm x 2.1 mm, 5 μm
Column mfr. CERI
Detector MS/MS
Detector mfr. Triple Quad 4500 System, AB Sciex
Ionization SRM-ESI-positive
Extraction Details Air Collection: NEXUS Jr., 200 mg, 0.7 L/min. x 24 h; Eluted with Methyl acetate
Clean-up 1st Filtration
Clean-up 1st Details Filtered with 13 mm GD/X syringe filter, PVDF 0.2 μm, Whatman
Clean-up 2nd
Clean-up 2nd Details
Clean-up Spike
Syringe Spike Diuron-d6
Recovery Correction
Instrument Detection Limit
Instrument Quantification Limit
Method Detection Limit 0.63 ng/m3
Method Quantification Limit
Recovery (CRM)
Recovery (spiked)
Recovery (IS)
Remarks Analysis method: p.5
RegisterDate 2022/10/17
UpdateDate 2022/10/17