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  • ChemTHEATRE stores the environmental monitoring data scattered in the published papers and reports in one database.

  • ChemTHEATRE stores the valuable data in tsv file, which is easy to use for analysis.

For Details of ChemTHEATRE => About


Advantages of submitting your data to ChemTHEATRE

Your papers have more chance to be read, cited or used

Your valuable data have more chance to be utilized in society

  • ChemTHEATRE stores all the data in text style and allow users to export them in text style.
    =>Thus, ChemTHEATRE encourages researchers including you to utilize your data and others' data for modeling or risk assessment since ChemTHEATRE eliminates the time-consuming tasks such as converting the data in pdf or excel file to those in text style.

You can use ChemTHEATRE as your online storage

  • You never lose your data and metadata, even after your students or researchers leave your lab.
  • You won't lose your data, even though your PCs are broken or lost.

Easy access to your own data as well as data provided by other researchers

  • You can reach your data anytime and anywhere since ChemTHEATRE stores your data online.
  • You can review old data whenever you need.
  • It is easy to follow change of a chemical concentration over the years.

You can save time!

  • ChemTHEATRE checks the individual data for you before registration and store your data properly.
  • You can use your time for your further research since ChemTHEATRE carry out the time-consuming task.
  • ChemTHEATRE stores your monitoring data, metadata such as sample info. and your paper/report as one project.


    • What is metadata?
      • Sample information
        (Collection year / month / day, collection region / country / area, latitude and longitude, pH, temperature, water temperature, water depth, sediment depth, scientific name, sex, growth stage, weight, length, etc.)
        For details about samples =>Samples

      • Methods
        For details about Experiments => Experiments

      • Chemical information
        For Details about Chemicals => Chemicals

Advantages of utilizing the data stored in ChemTHEATRE

Easy to use for modeling or assessment

  • All the data are stored in unified format (text style)
  • Unified unit
    • water : μg/L
    • biotic / soil / sediment : ng/g

Actual measured values

  • ChemTHEATRE stores and opens actual measured values even though the original paper provided only the mean values.

Reliable information and data

  • ChemTHEATRE checks all the data and metadata before registration.
  • ChemTHEATRE ask any question to the submitter / corresponding author no matter how trivial the question is.

You can narrow down the data by a place, a chemical, a sampling year, etc. and view the data.

  • You can narrow down the data by selecting a place, a chemical, a sampling year, etc as search parameters.
  • You can export the data you need easily in text style.

Easy to compare data by year, by chemical, by region

How to register your data

1. Send an e-mail to register@chem-theatre.com

  • As attached files:
    • your paper(including supporting info.): pdf
    • Measured values and LOD (Limit Of Detection):excel
    • Sample info.(Collection date, Collection place, Latitude and Longitude, etc.):excel

      That is all you have to do.

2. At ChemTHEATRE, the original data are tailored to ChemTHEATRE's format.

  • In this process,
    Person in charge of registration read your paper, check the data and metadata.

    ChemTHEATRE may contact the submitter/corresponding author to clear away any doubt.

3. Upload the data to ChemTHEATRE

4. Notice saying the completion of registration will be sent to the submitter.

  • Attached with an excel file including data in text style, metadata and original data.

What kind of information are stored in ChemTHEATRE?

How to search the data you need

How to export




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