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Chemicals in the THEATRE:Tractable and Heuristic E-Archive for Traceability and Responsible-care Engagement

  • ChemTHEATRE stores the environmental monitoring data scattered in the published papers and reports in one database.
  • Easy to download the monitoring data in text style
  • ChemTHEATRE stores the valuable data in tsv file, which is easy to use for analysis.

For Details of ChemTHEATRE => About

Advantages of submitting your data to ChemTHEATRE

Your papers have more chance to be read, cited or used

Your valuable data have more chance to be utilized in society

  • ChemTHEATRE stores all the data in text style and allow users to export them in text style.
    =>This encourages researchers to utilize your data for modeling or risk assessment since ChemTHEATRE eliminates the time-consuming tasks such as converting the data in pdf or excel file to those in text style.

You can use ChemTHEATRE as your online storage

  • You never lose your data and metadata, even after your students or researchers leave your lab.
  • You won't lose your data, even though your PCs are broken or lost.

Easy access to your own data as well as data provided by other researchers

  • You can reach your data anytime and anywhere since ChemTHEATRE stores your data online.
  • You can review old data whenever you need.
  • It is easy to follow change of a chemical concentration over the years.

You can save time!

  • ChemTHEATRE checks the individual data for you before registration and store your data properly.
  • You can use your time for your further research since ChemTHEATRE carry out the time-consuming task.
  • ChemTHEATRE stores your monitoring data, metadata such as sample info. and your paper/report as one project.
  • What is metadata?
    • Sample information (Collection year / month / day, collection region / country / area, latitude and longitude, pH, temperature, water temperature, water depth, sediment depth, scientific name, sex, growth stage, weight, length, etc.)
      For details about samples =>Samples
    • Methods
      For details about Experiments => Experiments
    • Chemical information
      For Details about Chemicals => Chemicals 

Advantages of utilizing the data stored in ChemTHEATRE

Easy to use for modeling or assessment

  • All the data are stored in unified format (text style)
  • Unified unit (water: μg/L, biotic / soil / sediment: ng/g )

Measured values are stored in ChemTHEATRE

  • ChemTHEATRE stores and opens measured values even though the original paper provided only the mean values.

Reliable information and data are stored by checking all the data and metadata by a third party before registration.

You can narrow down the data by place, chemical, sampling year, etc. and view the data.

  • You can narrow down the data by selecting place, chemical, sampling year, etc as search parameters.
  • You can export the data you need easily in text style.

Easy to compare over years 経年、物質ごと、地域ごとの比較研究が容易に

How to register your data

1. Send an e-mail to register@chem-theatre.com

  • accompanied with:
    • your paper(including supporting info.): pdf
    • Measured values and LOD (Limit Of Detection):excel
    • Sample info.(Collection date, Collection place, Latitude and Longitude, etc.):excel

2. 登録担当者が論文、生データを元にChemTHEATREのフォーマットに加工

  • 正確を期すため、この段階で不明箇所等を提供者へ問合せ

3. ChemTHEATREへアップロード

4. 登録完了通知と共に、データ提供者にはデータ、メタデータを1つのエクセルファイルにまとめて返却







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