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*&size(30){Welcome to ChemTHEATRE Wiki!};                [#d02c462a]
-Back to [[ChemTHEATRE (Database) :https://chem-theatre.com/]]~
-For inquiry: [[mail to ChemTHEATRE :info@chem-theatre.com]]~

*About ChemTHEATRE [#c62e174b]

-ChemTHEATRE stores the environmental monitoring data scattered in the published papers and reports ''in one database''. ~
-ChemTHEATRE stores the valuable data in ''tsv file'', which is ''simple'' and ''easy to use for analysis''. ~

For Details of ChemTHEATRE => [[About:https://chem-theatre.com/about]]

*Contents [#rb239a3a]
-[[How to register your data>#vf99df61]]~
-[[Advantages of submitting your data to ChemTHEATRE>#s21522c3]]~
-[[Advantages of utilizing the data stored in ChemTHEATRE>#i6134f1c]]~
-[[What kind of information are stored in ChemTHEATRE?>#s877739d]]~
-[[How to search the data you need>#na183810]]~
-[[How to export>#vf779dbf]]~

*How to register your data [#vf99df61]

**1. Send an e-mail to register@chem-theatre.com [#bc4e7e92]
-As attached files:~
--your paper(including supporting info.): pdf~
--Measured values and LOD (Limit Of Detection):excel~
--Sample info.(Collection date, Collection place, Latitude and Longitude, etc.):excel~
~That is all you have to do.~
**2. At ChemTHEATRE, the original data are tailored to ChemTHEATRE's format. [#tedf9bfa]
-In this process,~
Person in charge of registration reads your paper, checks the data and metadata thoroughly to dig up the data necessary for ChemTHEATRE.~
ChemTHEATRE is sure to contact the submitter/corresponding author to clear up doubts, if any.  

**3. Upload the data to ChemTHEATRE [#r633b0d2]

**4. Notice saying the completion of registration will be sent to the submitter. [#zb3cf73a]
-Attached with an excel file including all of your data and metadata registered in ChemTHEATRE, together with the original data.~

*Advantages of submitting your data to ChemTHEATRE [#s21522c3]

** Your papers have more chance to be read, cited or used [#rb03671f]
-Your on-line paper is ''only one click away!'' doi of your paper is shown in ChemTHEATRE.~
** You can use ChemTHEATRE as your ''online storage'' [#he45aa0f]
- You ''never lose'' your data and metadata, even after your students or researchers leave your lab. ~
- You ''won't lose'' your data, even though your PCs are broken or lost.~
- You can reach your data ''anytime and anywhere.''~
**Easy access to your own data as well as data provided by other researchers for further research [#x5fdf55c]
- You can review old data whenever you need.~
- It is easy to follow change of a chemical concentration over the years.~

**You can save time! [#r283d27f]
- ChemTHEATRE checks the individual data for you before registration and store your data properly.~

- You can use your time for your further research since ChemTHEATRE carry out the time-consuming task.~
- ChemTHEATRE stores your monitoring data, metadata such as sample info. and your paper/report as one project.~
--&size(20){ What is metadata?};
---&size(16){Sample information};~
(Collection year / month / day, collection region / country / area, latitude and longitude, pH, temperature, water temperature, water depth, sediment depth, scientific name, sex, growth stage, weight, length, etc.)~
For details about samples =>[[Samples>Samples]]~
---&size(16){Methods}; ~
For details about Experiments => [[Experiments>Experiments]]~
---&size(16){Chemical information}; ~
For Details about Chemicals => [[Chemicals>Chemicals]]~

*Advantages of utilizing the data stored in ChemTHEATRE [#i6134f1c]
**Easy to use for modeling or assessment [#n2ed2835]
- All the data are stored in unified format (text style) 
- Unified unit ~
--water : μg/L~
--biotic / soil / sediment : ng/g~

**Actual measured values [#k83aa365]
-ChemTHEATRE stores and opens actual measured values even though the original paper provided only the mean values. 

**Reliable information and data [#nf177794]
-ChemTHEATRE checks all the data and metadata before registration. ~
-ChemTHEATRE ask any question to the submitter / corresponding author no matter how trivial the question is.~
**You can narrow down the data by a place, a chemical, a sampling year, etc. and view the data. [#h7c4b3ba]
-You can narrow down the data by selecting a place, a chemical, a sampling year, etc as search parameters.
-You can export the data you need easily in text style.

**Easy to compare data by year, by chemical, by region [#hdc9eb6e]

*What kind of information are stored in ChemTHEATRE? [#s877739d]
- [[Submitter Table>Submitters]]
-[[Projects Table>Projects]]
-[[Samples Table>Samples]]
-[[Chemicals Table>Chemicals]]
-[[Experiments Table>Experiments]]
*How to search the data you need [#na183810]
-[[Search by Project:https://chem-theatre.com/pukiwiki/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=ChemTHEATRE_Manual_Eng_ProjectSearch.pdf&refer=FrontPage]]
-[[Search by Sample:https://chem-theatre.com/pukiwiki/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=ChemTHEATRE_Manual_Eng_SampleSearch.pdf&refer=FrontPage]]
-[[Search by Chemical:https://chem-theatre.com/pukiwiki/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=ChemTHEATRE_Manual_Eng_ChemicalSearch.pdf&refer=FrontPage]]

*How to export [#vf779dbf]
You can easily download the measured data, sample information you need. (tsv file)
-[[Export data:https://chem-theatre.com/pukiwiki/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=ChemTHEATRE_Manual_Eng_Export.pdf&refer=FrontPage]]~
*Site policy [#a29f404d]
Please read site policy before you use ChemTHEATRE.~
-[[Site Policy(PDF) :https://chem-theatre.com/pukiwiki/index.php?plugin=attach&pcmd=open&file=ChemTHEATRE_Manual_EngSitePolicy.pdf&refer=FrontPage]]~
*Track record (conference presentations, etc) [#e9267ffa]
-2021/1/26   ChemTHEATRE has been assigned a DOI by the FAIRsharing administrators. (URLs: https://doi.org/10.25504/FAIRsharing.Tk7tqj )~

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