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ChemicalID ChemGroup ChemicalName IUPAC PubChem CAS RN ® Synonyms Samples
CH0001602 Alkanes Heptachloroheptadecane 28085-66-7 Heptachloroheptadecanes; Heptadecane, heptachloro- (8CI, 9CI) Samples
CH0001603 Alkanes Octachloroheptadecane 700864-28-4 Octachloroheptadecanes; Heptadecane, octachloro- (9CI) Samples
CH0001604 Alkanes Nonachloroheptadecane 700864-29-5 Nonachloroheptadecanes; Heptadecane, nonachloro- (9CI) Samples
CH0001605 Others (1-Hydroxyethane-1,1-diyl)diphosphonic acid (1-Hydroxyethane-1,1-diyl)diphosphonic acid and its solts Samples
CH0001606 Alkanes
  Normal Alkanes
n-Hexane hexane 8058 110-54-3 Hexane; Esani;Skellysolve B; NSC 68472 Samples
CH0001607 PPCPs
Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 341111116 1322-98-1 Linear decylbenzene sulphonates and its solts Samples
CH0001608 PPCPs
Linear undecylbenzene sulphonate 48420151 27636-75-5 Linear undecylbenzene sulphonates and its solts Samples
CH0001609 PPCPs
Linear dodecylbenzene sulphonate 23707968 25155-30-0 Benzenesulfonic acid, dodecyl-, sodium salt (1:1) (ACI); Linear dodecylbenzene sulphonates and its solts Samples
CH0001610 PPCPs
Linear tridecylbenzene sulphonate 254772206 26248-24-8 Benzenesulfonic acid, tridecyl-, sodium salt (1:1) (ACI); Linear tridecylbenzene sulphonates and its solts Samples
CH0001611 PPCPs
Linear tetradecylbenzene sulphonate 23670594 28348-61-0 Benzenesulfonic acid, tetradecyl-, sodium salt (1:1) (ACI); Linear tetradecylbenzene sulphonates and its solts Samples
CH0001612 Flame retardants
BDE175 1,2,3,5-tetrabromo-4-(2,3,5-tribromophenoxy)benzene 46174052 446255-22-7 2,2',3,3',4,5',6-Heptabromodiphenyl ether; PBDE 175; 1,2,3,5-Tetrabromo-4-(2,3,5-tribromophenoxy)benzene (ACI); Benzene, 1,2,3,5-tetrabromo-4-(2,3,5-tribromophenoxy)- (9CI, ACI) Samples
Showing 1601 to 1611 of 1611 entries