Sample ID SAA008818
Sample Type Indoor air
Taxonomy ID
Scientific Name Air
Common Name Dust on end-of-life equipment surface
Collection Year 2019
Collection Month 9
Collection Day
Sampling Time (Start/End)
Sampling Time (AM PM)
Sampling Duration
Weather (Start/End)
Temperature (℃) (Start/End)
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Vietnam
Collection Area Bui Dau Village, Hung Yen Province
Collection Latitude From 20.93361111
Collection Latitude To
Collection Longitude From 106.0947222
Collection Longitude To
Tissue / Organ
Tissue Lipid (%)
Tissue Moist (%)
Weight Unit
Length Unit
Length Type
Growth Stage
WaterTemperature (℃) (Start/End)
DO (mg/L)
EC (mS/m)
EC_temp (℃)
SS (mg/L)
Water Depth (m)
Transparency (m)
Water Color
Sediment Temperature (℃) (Start/End)
Sediment Depth (m)
Sediment Appearance
Sediment Color
Sediment Surface Color
Sediment Odor
Sediment Impurities
Sediment Moisture (%) (OnSite/Analysis)
Ignition Loss (%) (OnSite/Analysis)
Soil Depth (m)
Wind Direction (Start/End)
Wind Speed (m/s) (Start/End)
Flow Rate
Humidity (%) (Start/End)
Amount Of Collected Air (Start/End)
Mean PM10
Mean Total Suspended Particles
Sample Name WR-1E
Uniq Code Type
Uniq Code
Remarks This dust sample mainly contained soil, sand, biological fragments and debris from recycling activities; Homogenized by passing through 250 μm sieves and stored at -20℃ until analysis; E-recyling area (Main activities: Manual dismantling, pastic shredding, storing; Working area characteristics: Steel frame, corrugated wall/roof, concrete floor; Input materials: E-waste (TV, radio, DVD player, Printed circuit board[PCB]), consumer products, automotive plastic parts; Output products: Plastic pellets, metals)
Register Date 2022/8/8
Update Date 2022/8/8
Flame retardants PBDEs
Flame retardants
Measured Data Measured Data