Sample ID SAA002127
Sample Type Marine mammals
Taxonomy ID 103596
Scientific Name Peponocephala electra
Common Name Melon-headed whale
Tissue Organ Blubber
Tissue Lipid 41
Tissue Moist
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Japan
Collection Area Hasaki, Ibaraki
Collection Latitude From 35.73184444
Collection Latitude To 35.82913333
Collection Longitude From 140.7697722
Collection Longitude To 140.8939278
Collection Year 2002
Collection Month 2
Collection Day 25
Uniq Code Type es-BANK
Uniq Code EW04676
Sample Name M32798
Sex Male
Growth Stage Immature
Age 10.5 y.o.
Weight Unit
Length 234
Length Unit cm
Length Type Body length
Register Date 2017/5/12
Update Date 2017/5/12