Sample ID SAA003548
Sample Type Plants
Taxonomy ID 3350
Scientific Name Pinus thunbergii Parl.
Common Name Japanese black pine
Tissue Organ Pine needle
Tissue Lipid
Tissue Moist
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Japan
Collection Area Around Tokyo Bay
Collection Latitude From 35.44444444
Collection Latitude To 35.45694444
Collection Longitude From 139.9513889
Collection Longitude To 139.9541667
Collection Year 1999
Collection Month 3
Collection Day 13
Uniq Code Type
Uniq Code
Sample Name Pine_O
Growth Stage
Age 1 y.o.
Weight 20.0
Weight Unit g
Length 12
Length Unit cm
Length Type Average tree diameter
Remarks Collected at height of about 1.6m above ground level
Register Date 2018/1/10
Update Date 2018/1/10