Sample ID SAA002114
Sample Type Marine mammals
Taxonomy ID 103596
Scientific Name Peponocephala electra
Common Name Melon-headed whale
Collection Year 1982
Collection Month 1
Collection Day
Sampling Time (Start/End)
Sampling Time (AM PM)
Sampling Duration
Weather (Start/End)
Temperature (℃) (Start/End)
Collection Region Asia
Collection Country Japan
Collection Area Aoshima, Miyazaki
Collection Latitude From 31.45
Collection Latitude To 32.73333333
Collection Longitude From 131.9163889
Collection Longitude To 132.5502778
Tissue / Organ Blubber
Tissue Lipid (%) 44
Tissue Moist (%)
Sex Female
Weight 165.9
Weight Unit kg
Length 240
Length Unit cm
Length Type Body length
Growth Stage Mature
Age 29.5 y.o.
WaterTemperature (℃) (Start/End)
DO (mg/L)
EC (mS/m)
EC_temp (℃)
SS (mg/L)
Water Depth (m)
Transparency (m)
Water Color
Sediment Temperature (℃) (Start/End)
Sediment Depth (m)
Sediment Appearance
Sediment Color
Sediment Surface Color
Sediment Odor
Sediment Impurities
Sediment Moisture (%) (OnSite/Analysis)
Ignition Loss (%) (OnSite/Analysis)
Soil Depth (m)
Wind Direction (Start/End)
Wind Speed (m/s) (Start/End)
Flow Rate
Humidity (%) (Start/End)
Amount Of Collected Air (Start/End)
Mean PM10
Mean Total Suspended Particles
Sample Name 820106-03
Uniq Code Type es-BANK
Uniq Code EW00076
Remarks Pregnant: Dam of SAA002118 (EW00094)
Register Date 2017/5/12
Update Date 2017/5/12
Organochlorines PCBs
Flame retardants PBDEs
Measured Data Measured Data